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About The Relationship Room

Perhaps you will agree that "Relationships represent the single most significant aspect of our lives". It is through relationships that we define who and what we want to be, or are; while at the same time, relationships provide our most gratifying and devastating, life-defining moments.  Despite the undeniable impact that relationships have, an overwhelming number of individuals are without the necessary skills and knowledge to consistently develop and maintain healthy relationships.

The Relationship Room was conceived, refined and founded upon the reality of this relationship void.  The Relationship Room is a concept, not a literal room, that affords individuals, couples and families an opportunity to develop the skills necessary to consistently create and maintain healthy relationships in all areas of life.

The Relationship Room utilizes a nationally recognized relationship assessment tool and instructional guide; trade name E.R.I.S. (Exceptional Relationship Inventory Scale). E.R.I.S. consists of three distinct, yet highly integrated phases:

Phase I
This phase enables individuals,couples,and families to conduct a seven-step,comprehensive evaluation of any relationship;whether it is active or terminated. The evaluative process will provide concrete information which will facilitate more informed and empowered decision-making, and clearly illuminate relationship realities.  The seven-step E.R.I.S. format will become the foundation upon which all relationships will be evaluated.

Phase II
This phase represents a clinically tested,in-depth interpretation and practical application of the relationship information documented in phase one. The E.R.I.S. interpretive guidelines are applicable to all relationships.

Phase III
This phase consist of the E.R.I.S. Journal, which is designed to reinforce and maximize, an effective utilization of the information garnered from phases one and two. The Relationship Room is a user-friendly concept that ensures the acquisition of concrete skills/knowledge, critical to consistently developing and maintaining healthy relationships.

Welcome to The Relationship Room!
Jim Atwood, LCSW-R